The miracle of learning is on display in young students every day. Children are constantly having AHA Moments as they learn things for the first time. Whether it’s a first step or a first successfully tied shoelace, children are so good at reminding us to indulge in WONDER and let ourselves be blown away by this awesome world we live in!


When we were at our annual Creative World School Conference this year, we thought, who better to relay these stories than our teachers? Our CW Teachers are some of the best Early Educators in the world (not that we’re biased ;)) and we know they have the best stories to tell.

This Fall, we want you to be inspired, too! While exciting, we know that Back to School and getting back into the routine can be a challenge… so think of these stories as inspiring reminders to engage with your young learner. We will be sure to post the videos here on the blog as well as on facebook and instagram, just to make sure you don’t miss a single, jaw-dropping, eyes-widening EUREKA moment!

[wpvideo COao7jts]