Creative World School Pre-K Curriculum

21st Century education for Kindergarten success

Pre-K Inquiry Learning


At Creative World School, we think of young children as inquisitive and naturally curious about their world. Children’s questions provide a foundation for learning and are the basis of our Learning Journey™ Pre-K curriculum. We believe in providing children with concrete experiences through field studies, which prompt them to ask thoughtful questions and lead to real investigations. This cycle of inquiry taps into children’s intellect and promotes engaged learning.

Kindergarten Readiness


Creative World parents can be assured that their child will graduate ready for Kindergarten and beyond. Our Teachers understand that a child’s readiness is more than simple shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. We educate the “whole child” and focus on emotional and cognitive development. We believe that children’s ability to negotiate, express themselves, wait their turn, and get along with friends are essential components to their success. Our children become thinkers, authors, decision makers and future leaders.


The CW App for Communication


Our innovative CW App keeps you up-to-date on daily Routines and Learning Moments throughout your child’s day. Planning a Pre-K student’s day involves creating the right balance of small and large group learning, child-initiated and Teacher facilitated activities which together result in a day full of learning and fun! You will receive realtime updates of the Learning Moments your child enjoys throughout the day and see how your child’s development is progressing. Throughout the year, we hold Portfolio Showings to share your child’s learning and set goals for continued success.

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