Creative World School Infant Curriculum

The perfect balance of care and education for your baby

Always Learning


Our infant program is designed to partner with you to maximize your baby’s learning potential. Our Three E’s: Foundations for Excellence™ curriculum provides a balance of experiences to meet the dynamic changes of your child’s important first year. Creative World Infant Teachers create an individualized plan which includes daily education, enrichment, and exploration activities.

Caring Teachers


Our Teachers know that every baby is a special and unique individual. We begin by getting to know your child’s routines. How often do they eat? What time do they like to nap? This information is used to customize each baby’s day at Creative World School. All of these daily routines in our Infant program are potential learning moments as our loving caregivers interact by talking, singing and playing.

The CW App


We know how important it is to stay connected! Our innovative CW App keeps you up-to-date on daily Care Routines and Learning Moments throughout your baby’s day. You can customize your notifications. For example, find out in real-time that your baby had a great nap or finished her bottle! We also use this platform to share important developmental milestones and highlights of your child’s day.

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