Fine motor skills are a vital developmental milestone for young children.

What are they?

Fine motor skills are the development and coordination of small muscles, usually in the hands and fingers.

When do they start?

From a baby’s first “grasp” of an item to a toddler’s careful “pincer” grasp, fine motor skills are in constant development from your child’s earliest days.

Why do they matter?

We often think of fine motor skills as a necessary precursor to writing, which is true, but think of all of the other life skills that require a careful manipulation of your hands and fingers:

Typing (or tapping), drinking from a cup, pouring, holding small objects (like your car keys), using tools like a screwdriver or scissors, carrying thin objects (like a book or iPad), plugging in a phone charger, pushing buttons, opening drawers, buttoning or zipping up clothing, opening a doorknob….

In other words, it would literally be incapacitating to not have fine motor skills!

At Creative World Schools, we help children grow in their fine motor skills by real, hands-on learning all day long!