All Winter, we are cozying up and sharing the warm fuzzies as we celebrate our favorite things!

From yummy hot cocoa to falling snowflakes to time with family, what are your favorite ways to enjoy the cold weather?

Beginning to identify “favorites” is an important element of social-emotional development. Notice how even young toddlers begin to show preference for food or clothes. Preschoolers can begin to articulate abstract preferences, like colors and friends. These are all an important step in self-identification. “Who you are” includes a lot of these categories! Affirm your child’s growing self-identity by initiating some “favorite things” conversations of your own:

Ask your child, what is your favorite…

  • Color
  • Toy
  • Thing to do at school
  • Thing to do on the weekend
  • Movie
  • Game
  • Thing to wear

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