All Creative World Schools are having a blast celebrating Away We Go this month. Check out some of the amazing ways our young learners are exploring:

Several of our schools have hosted Trike-a-Thons to raise money for back-to-school supplies.
Let’s talk tickets: bus tickets, train tickets, plane tickets… what do they look like and what can we learn?
Our three year old classes took field trips… to the parking lot! Let’s climb on the bus!
Our creative toddler teachers put tape on the ground and invited children to drive their trucks along the wavy, zig-zag, or curvy “roads”
Let’s look at all of the different kinds of cars in our parking lots!
Our schools in Illinois enjoyed some creative contests to make vehicles out of recyclables.
14102741_1784117881803468_6135372402592394864_n (1)
Pop the hood and take a peek… what do you see?
away we go schools 1
We journaled, scribbled, and drew as we observed.
away we go schools 2
What are rear view mirrors for? We talked all about driving and safety!
away we go schools 3
Our littlest learners read all kinds of books and made fun noises!
away we go schools 4
Let’s make a train… together!
away we go schools 5
More trike-a-thon fun with homemade backpacks to keep our notes as we explore.