Ooey Gooey is a blast… messy, sticky, tactile, FUN! But what are the children really learning?

Our Inquiry Curriculum at Creative World Schools relies heavily on the ability of our master teachers to facilitate learning experiences for the children in a way that encourages their curiosity and empowers them to seek out answers to their questions!

All of our schools have amazing teachers. The teachers are Creative World School Estero are some of our dream team: highly skilled professionals with plenty of experience and enthusiasm! Here’s a sneak peek into the W App entries they have made so parents can see their Ooey Gooey explorations:

One of our activities today in the Exploratoriumâ„¢ was slime scooping. We use measuring cups and measuring spoons to explore the strange properties the slime has!


Today in Exploratoriumâ„¢ we investigated our goo we made yesterday, did water transferring with slimy cold water, Played in the slimy rice, and started a two day experiment with glue designs. Today we got different shades of glue and had to make designs with the glue!

Today our Exloratoriumâ„¢ fun was slimy, crunchy, watery, and colorful! We played with cooked and raw oatmeal to compare textures, applied color to slime with pipettes and basters, and played with a new slime concoction made with glue and liquid starch.

We got mathematic with our slime as we challenged the students to weigh and measure the slime. We also explored the idea of viscosity: how do thick substances move as opposed to thin substances?

From art to science and engineering, the greatest teacher can pull lessons out the slimiest stuff!