In our Storybook adventures in the Exploratorium™ this month, we are diving into Folktales!


Folktales are a great addition to your family reading time.

Folktales are powerful because they feature themes that challenge us: good versus evil, right versus wrong, light versus dark. This, coupled with masterful storytelling, captures a young child’s imagination.

Lisa Lunge-Larsen, author of The Troll With No Heart in His Body, has listed some of the most powerful and inspirational lessons young children can extract from folklore:

  • Remember who you are.
  • Be true to your own nature.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Every action has consequences, so be attentive, be kind, and always do what is right.
  • Life is a journey; nobody else can do the journey for you.
  • Your journey will unfold according to a pattern. The pattern is a guide.
  • Use your gifts.
  • Help will be offered when you most need it and least expect it.
  • Despite the odds, good will triumph over evil, love over hatred.
  • Don’t ever give up.
  • Be careful what you wish for.
  • Things are not always as they appear.
  • Everything you need can be found inside yourself; it is always there.
  • Miracles happen.
  • There is magic in the world.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? Storytelling is an ancient way to preserve the legacy or a character or narrative. It can be incredibly powerful to investigate the folktales related to your family’s culture. At Creative World this month, Exploratorium™ teachers will be sharing folktales from a wide variety of cultures… and we want your input! What folktales did you grow up hearing? Are their family stories that comprise your family’s own “folklore” that you could come and share with us? Are there any special books or tales that you can read to us? We want to hear everyone’s unique voice as we dive into this literary focus!