This month kicks off our “That’s Me!” inquiry. One of the ways we are exploring our amazing selves is by exploring our Five Senses.

Here are some questions we’re going to ask our students to begin thinking about how we experience the world around us:

TOUCH – what do we feel?

Keywords to introduce: Smooth, Rough, Bumpy, Soft

Let’s talk texture… can we learn a word in braille? Can we tell what an object is using only our hands? Let’s work on vocabulary: what’s the difference between the way a kitty cat and a tire feel?

SMELL – how does that smell?


Keywords to introduce: nose, sniff, good/bad

The nose knows! Let’s play with cotton balls soaked in common scents: can we differentiate between orange and cinnamon? How does smell effect our other senses, like taste?

SIGHT – what do we see?


Keywords to introduce: eyes, light/dark

Let’s shift perspective and play with tubes, telescopes, magnifying glasses, microscopes, and kaleidoscopes. How does the way we see change the way we move? How important is it to see things correctly?

TASTE – what does that taste like?


Keywords to introduce: Mouth, tongue

Yum or Yuck? We all have different tastes. But why? Let’s investigate the palette: what buds do we all share? Do things taste differently to different people? Let’s taste-test and compare our preferences!

SOUND – what do we hear?


Keywords to introduce: Ears, loud/quiet

Listen close… what do you hear? From bold to white noise, the sounds around us help alert us to what is happening, where it is happening, and if we need to react. Let’s dive into the waves and drums that keep us on our toes!