That’s Me! is our Inquiry for September!

What makes each one of us so special and unique? We are exploring and finding that out in our exciting inquiry! Each age group in our schools explores identity and self-awareness in a different way. Here are some approaches from the Early Education Experts at CWS that you can take home with your own little one!




Toddlers use their senses all day as they are discovering and exploring. When they encounter something new, they use their senses to learn more about it and understand what the object is and how it works. One way toddlers learn is through touching things. As you explore touch, think about all the ways your toddlers use their fingers and hands to explore their world. What kinds of things do they like to touch? What are some new textures you can explore together?

Two Year Olds

A two year old’s sense of wonder and curiosity naturally leads them to explore and investigate using their five senses. As they experience their world by tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, and hearing they begin to understand all that is around them. Provide your two year olds with rich experiences that allow them to use their sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch to make observations and learn new things about their world.



Everyone is special in their own way and preschool age children are just starting to understand this concept. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to share information about themselves and find out how they fit in their world. Explore what makes each child unique and special through activities that identify their physical traits, their likes and dislikes, and even how they got their name.


One great way to affirm and support self-awareness and personhood in your child is to tell them their story! How did you choose their name? When did they conquer exciting milestones? If your child is very young, begin writing these fun facts down! As your child grows, they will love hearing new chapters in their own life story and begin charting their own course and identity.