Teaching your child self-awareness promotes empathy and kindness as well as a high self-esteem.

dsc_1119Psychologists typically agree that there are 5 stages of self-awareness from 0-4 years of age:*

Level 1 – Differentiation

A baby who is beginning to interact: to acknowledge her reflection, mimic adult behavior, is showing initial stages of self-awareness.

Level 2 – Situation

When your baby begins catching his eye in the mirror, a new stage of self-awareness is blossoming in which he sees and begins to understand: that is a distinct person.

Level 3 – Identification

The next stage is when your toddler begins to realize, that distinct person is ME.

Level 4 – Permanence

The understanding of self moves beyond a mirror image or picture: a child in this phase begins to understand themselves as an entity outside of spatial or temporal boundaries (that’s a picture of me as a BABY, but it is still ME).

Level 5 – Self-consciousness

This is the most abstract phase your young child will experience and it includes the ability to understand not only a sense of self but self as it is perceived by others. Accompanying emotions can be embarrassment, pride, or self-consciousness.

To understand these developmental phases is to gain a better insight into how to encourage your child with positive understandings of who they are through affirmation, affection, and positive language.

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