The sun is shining… and it is hot!

As you have family fun in the sun this summer, temperatures can soar, escalating the risk of dehydration or fatigue. Here are some #lifehacks we’ve found for beating the heat when you’re out and about with young ones!

1. Pack Smart Snacks!

We know that you are packing healthy snacks. When you are packing up the night before a warm day out, think about packing for the heat, too! Frozen fruit, or food that begins the day frozen and can thaw to remain cool, are great ways to provide your young one (and you!) with a great treat midday! Watermelon, berries, peas, steamed carrots, and corn are great choices for frozen, portioned treats.

2. Drink Up!

Everyone knows that taking water everywhere you go is a must to beat the heat! Research and use BPA-free water bottles. Especially in high heat, you don’t want any container that can leak toxins or unwanted elements into your little one’s drink! Follow the recommended water intake from the AAP (keeping in mind that your child will also get water from fruit and other foods):

3. Take a Break in the Shade!

It may go without saying or it may be a valid reminder: find shade! Temperatures recorded by The Weather Channel and other mainstream weather services record official temperatures in the shade. This means that even a day predicted to be very hot may feel much hotter in direct sunlight. Find shade and rest at regular intervals. Use a (foam) stroller fan or thick paper, like a park map, to fan yourself and your little one as you take a break.

4. Chill Out

Your blood may not actually be boiling, but did you know that when the air around you is as warm as you are, your sweat does not evaporate as efficiently? This means that your sweat may not actually be as effective at cooling you off, putting you at risk for heat related sickness. Pack ziploc baggies full of ice that can melt into cool water. Regularly dab some of this cool water on your little one’s temples and wrists, where the skin is very thin, and at strategic pressure points. The water will evaporate, functioning like sweat, and help their bodies cool more efficiently!

Summer is an awesome time of fun… you don’t want to miss a single second or suffer the heat. We hope you beat the heat and have a blast!