We are revving up and blasting off this month as we gaze upward and explore all things In the Sky!

Our aerial adventures will take us to the atmosphere and beyond as we investigate the great, wide, blue sky above us.

At Creative World Schools, each age group gets to explore our monthly inquiries in unique ways. Take a sneak peek at what your child will be learning:


When we look up into the sky what do we see? We may see different things depending on whether it is day or night. Toddlers can recognize the difference between light and dark, as well as day and night. The stars, sun, and moon are all bright lights in the sky that are intriguing to Toddlers and can be explored by relating familiar children’s songs and books to real life examples that are found in the sky.


Zoom off into outer space! Children will be given a creative and motivating environment through pretend play and props. We’ll experiment with moon rocks, asteroid dust, and star shapes. Investigate planets, asteroids, stars, and the sky! How do astronauts travel to other planets? Let’s watch rockets in motion and simulate take-off and landing. Pack for a shuttle flight and blast off on an important mission! Look up at the moon and marvel at the vast universe beyond the stars! Investigate and imagine what is beyond the sky in this out-of-this-world unit!


(Check out our Airplanes and Sky Travel Preschool Pinterest board for ideas!)

It’s time for lift off! This month, our preschoolers will have the opportunity to investigate all aspects of airplanes and air travel. From control panels and gears, to air shows and daring adventures taken in your imaginations- we are off on an exciting journey through the skies! Where will the children decide to go between take off and landing? How does a plane actually fly? What does the control panel do? What are the differences between the various types of airplanes? How have airplanes changed over the years? No matter what questions the children come up with, a fun and educational aerial adventure awaits!


(Check out our Outer Space PreK Pinterest board for ideas!)

We are putting own spin on outer space! We will nurture our PreK childrens’ interest and engage in a track of inquiry that culminates in a fantastic project that documents what your children have learned about space! Investigate what the world around us can teach us about what is beyond the stars. Imagine what life would be like on Jupiter or Mars! Train like an astronaut, design like an engineer, and fly like a pilot. From robots to rovers, physics to fantasy, this month can hold as much wonder as space itself!

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