Gardening is a great way for the kids to be outside and explore all the wonders nature has to offer.  Children love to be connected to the earth and learn about the beautiful nature that surrounds them.  Take them outside to enjoy the sunshine and watch the wonder unfolds as they explore the world around them.


Toddlers love helping, and when it comes to gardening there are so many ways in which they can do so. In gardening, Toddlers are able to understand the parts of a flower and learn how things grow around them. There are loads of toddler garden tools specifically designed for young children, which they will love using, and will also help them develop the skills needed for moving on to more ‘adult’ gardening tasks within a few years.


Whether inside or outside, two year olds are at the age where they want to touch and explore everything. Flowers are a great tool for children to learn about how things grow, and what it takes for them to live. Giving them responsibilities, such as watering flowers, helps them to understand what it takes to care for something. Flowers are just one type of plant that can grow in a garden. Engage children in learning about the parts of the plant by examining the pieces to see how they all fit together.


Preschoolers are captivated by digging in the dirt, planting seeds, using water, and watching plants grow and change. This month’s inquiry will provide preschoolers with important knowledge of what plants need to grow and how other living things depend on each other. The wonder of watching a tiny seed sprout and grow into something so complex is amazing at this age!

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