Play-based learning is a vital component of Early Education.


“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” -George Dorsey

Children have an immensely different approach to the world than adults. Their perception of the world around them isn’t colored by time management or achievement. They are not constrained by what is or isn’t possible. Children have an unequivocal freedom to ask questions and experiment with the world.

It is the role of important adults in a child’s life to affirm and encourage this natural inclination. Through play, children uncover truths, whether in the form of virtue, ideas, or principles.

The joy of discovery is the difference between the drudgery of a worksheet and the inspiration of a nature walk: children need the opportunity to think, the space to dream, and the freedom to play.

This fall, we embark on a journey at Creative World Schools to remember our roots, to simplify our approach, to borrow from the past and step into the future with a simple call to our young learners:

You’re Invited to Play.

Join us.