Going to the grocery store is an activity that your children accompany you on many times. Here are some great activities to get their brain working while you shop!

  • Making Lists – Before you head to the store while you are making your grocery list, invite your child to join you by making their own list. Depending on their age, give them coupons, food images, pencils and paper and let them create their list. Bring their list with them to the store so they can ‘shop’.
  • Rhyming – While you are shopping, say the names of foods out loud. Encourage your child to say the names and then together find words that rhyme. This would also be a good way to introduce new foods to your child and get them excited to try them when you get them home.
  • Comparing – When you are in the produce section and walking the aisles selecting items, allow your child to hold items and then compare their weight and size to other familiar food items. Say the name of the item then allow them to look at the label. Use the produce scales and weigh the items to see which items are the heaviest. Say the name of the numbers aloud as you point out the weight on the scale.
  • Counting – If you have multiple numbers of items on your grocery lists, say the number aloud and encourage your child to count with you as you select the items from the shelves. When you are at the checkout or at home unloading groceries, count the items as you take them from the basket or bag.
  • Sorting – As you shop, encourage your child to sort foods by types of food. Can they find all of the fruits? How about veggies? Do they know the names? Choose a letter of the alphabet and see if your child can find items that start with that letter.

Have fun shopping!