10 family game night ideas that can be played with toddlers!

With so many family games to pick from we thought it would be a great idea to narrow some down that can be played and enjoyed on a toddler level. The amount of games that can be bought or made up are endless! We checked out https://momontheside.com/9-games-toddlers-can-play and took some notes on their top ten board games that can be played as a family with toddlers! Put those electronic devices away, grab some snacks and huddle around the living room. Let’s get ready for some family fun!

  1. ThinkFun Zingo

This one is a lot like Bingo but toddlers can follow along and play!

  1. Hi Ho Cherry-O

This game is great for counting and small motor skills!

  1. Crocodile Dentist

A very fun way to teach patience, taking turns, and enjoying suspense.

  1. UNO Moo

This is the preschool version of UNO.

  1. Disney Junior Super Stretchy Game

This will get your kids moving, it’s like Twister but with Disney characters.

  1. I Spy Preschool Game

The preschool version has kids match riddles with pictures on interlocking puzzle pieces.

  1. Candy Land

A classic that toddlers can play with a little help! This can help them with their colors.

  1. Chutes and Ladders

Similar to Candy Land in that your child will need some help, but great for working on counting!

  1. Memory and Matching Games

These are great for growing their brains and toddlers love these games! (You can even make your own versions with family pics or other fave images.)

  1. We added our own on this list: Charades!

It is always so fun to play charades or the app version ‘Heads Up’, your child might need a little help but this can be so fun and engaging for the entire family!

We hope you can take a little inspiration from this list so your next family game night with toddlers turns out terrific!