This month as our In the Trees inquiry kicks off, we are celebrating all things arbor and

Learning about Trees

Want a sneek peak of what our unique curriculum is featuring? Here are some snapshots… which are great ways to enjoy the outdoors with your own young ones.


Let’s explore trees! Trees are an exciting topic to explore with toddlers. Toddlers are familiar with these towering giants and see trees every day. They sit under trees, play around trees, walk by trees, and see them as
they ride in the car. Invite your toddlers to encounter trees, explore their textures and wonder at their parts. Feel the bark, look up through the branches, and watch them move in the wind.

How to Explore: Branch Lengths

Gather branches of different lengths to set out and show to the children. Line the branches up next to one another, showing the children how some pieces are the same, while others are longer or shorter.


Let’s learn about leaves! They come in many shapes, sizes and colors! They are essential to trees and fun to explore! Two year olds love to spend time outside, exploring their environment. They notice the way leaves move in the wind, fall to the ground, and change colors. Spend some time this month exploring leaves with your children. What has leaves? How are leaves the same? How are they different? What shapes do they come in? Provide experiences that allow your children to examine the various characteristics of leaves and what makes them unique.

How to Explore: Leaf Rainbow

Leaves come in all different colors. When put together, they can look like a rainbow of colors. Provide several colors of real or silk leaves. Demonstrate how to place the leaves next to
each other to look like a rainbow. Encourage the children to create their own rainbow or design of
their choice.


Have your children met a tree? Have they noticed what is living in and around the trees? This inquiry provides an opportunity to explore trees and what lives in trees. What kinds of trees are in your community?
What is living in those trees?  Most children have encountered squirrels and observed their antics. Have fun meeting trees and observing the animals in your community!

How to Explore: Leaf Research

Gather a collection of different types and sizes of leaves for the children to explore. Provide non-fiction leaf guides for the children’s research. What do they observe? Can they identify the tree that the leaf came from?

We can’t wait to hear all about your explorations! Happy Fall!