Cooking with Kids is a fun-filled experience that reinforces a myriad of important concepts and skills!

Cooking food is a powerful way to grow in…

  • Math (quantity, measuring)
  • Reading (recipes, descriptions)
  • Sensory (smells, tastes, sights)
  • Fine Motor (scooping, pouring, stirring)

Here are some ways to prepare food together:

Use Recipes

Using recipes is a great way to reinforce reading as you learn what you are making and how to make it. It’s also a valuable practice in following sequential directions and measuring! Bonus: what you make will probably turn out to be yummy!


Creating something new can be a fun-filled exercise in imagination and experiencing the many textures, smells, and tastes different ingredients have to offer. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to “stack the deck” with some ingredients and cooking methods that you know actually work.

Family Cookbook

Make cooking together a routine and involve everyone by testing new recipes, creating your own recipes, and assembling a family cookbook! As your children grow in independence, the surefire recipes you assemble can become something they make themselves.