As parents, we celebrate all of our children’s milestones!

As educators, we at Creative World Schools create an environment that facilitates large motor development. Large motor skills are things like crawling, walking, running, kicking, and jumping. These skills are important! Our young students enjoy gross motor development both inside and outside every day, from playground time to dance parties!

While the “norm” for young children is always a sliding scale (every child is different!), there are some average milestones the Child Development Institute has issued as a reference point for parents:

One month – May hold up head momentarily.

Two months – Lifts head when placed on stomach. Holds up head briefly when held in a seated or standing position.

Three months – Holds head and shoulders up when placed on stomach. Puts weight on forearms.

Four months – Holds head up well in sitting position. Can lift head to a 90-degree angle when placed stomach. May start to roll over.

Five months – Has full head control. When pulled by hands to a sitting position, the head stays in line with body.

Six months – Rolls over (front to back first). Bears a large. percentage of body weight when held in a standing position.

Seven months – Can stand with support. May sit without support for short periods. Pushes upper part of body up while on stomach.

Eight months – Stands while holding onto furniture. Sits well unsupported. Gets up on hands and knees; may start to crawl backwards.

Nine months – Crawls first by pulling body forward with hands. May move around a room by rolling.

Ten months – Pulls up to standing. Is very steady while sitting; moves from sitting to crawling position and back. Crawls well.

Eleven months – “Cruises,” walking while hanging onto furniture. Walks with two hands held.

Twelve months – Walks with one hand held. May walk with hands and feet. Stands unsupported for longer periods of time.

Fifteen months – Walks without help. Crawls up stairs. Gets into a standing position without support.

Eighteen months – Seldom falls while walking. Can walk and pull toy. Runs. Climbs stairs holding railing. May walk backward.

Two years – Kicks a ball. Walks up and down stairs, two feet per step.

Two and a half years – Jumps with both feet. Jumps off step. Can walk on tiptoe.

Three years – Goes upstairs one foot per step. Stands on one foot briefly. Rides tricycle. Runs well.

Four years – Skips on one foot. Throws ball well overhand. Jumps a short distance from standing position.

Five years – Hops and skips. Good balance. Can skate or ride scooter.

Remember, these milestones are averages and only your child’s pediatrician can assess and advise you on their physical health.

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