Welcome to Creative World School at Riverview!

Creative World is dedicated to the education and development of young children. Families who have visited a Riverview, FL preschool, childcare, or daycare center will immediately see the difference when they visit our school.

We provide a unique and fun approach to learning, with an age-appropriate curriculum. If you are looking for a quality learning experience, staffed with amazing teachers, look no further. All Creative World Schools are unique and more than just a daycare!

We know you’ll love our amazing Exploratorium™ and get to experience iSTEAM in action while you are here!


Our Community

Creative World School at Riverview is located in the Rivercrest subdivision beside Sessums Elementary School. Much more than just a daycare, our preschool offers child care and learning opportunities for all ages.

Our buses provide safe transportation to and from Collins Elementary, Doby Elementary, Kids Community College, Sessums Elementary, Southshore Charter Academy, Summerfield Elementary, Summerfield Crossing Elementary, Warren Hope Dawson Elementary, and Waterset Charter School.

Here at our Creative World School Riverview location, we are proud to offer quality preschool and child care services to our surrounding Tampa area communities of Pleasant Living, East Bay Lakes, Brandon Covington Park, Gibsonton, Sanctuary at Oak Creek, Sterling Ranch, Random Oaks, Bryan Oaks Reserve, and Bloomingdale. Stop by today and take a tour to see for yourself why Creative World offers the best opportunity for child care and preschool in the area!



You will see iSTEAM in action when you visit our Creative World School Exploratorium™. Our hands-on approach integrates STEAM learning opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and investigate real-world ideas. Investigating real questions through inquiry learning is the foundation of our curriculum. Inquiry is the “i” in iSTEAM and encourages a student’s curiosity as they develop problem solving skills and build a foundation for lifelong learning.

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Manjul and Rupa Shah

Rupa and Manjul Shah come from humble beginnings. They grew up in a small town in India, and came to the United States through the gift of education. After leading fulfilling careers as computer Engineers, they followed their dreams to build their first childcare center when their second daughter was born. When they sought a preschool that provided both a nurturing environment, and a fantastic education, they were hard pressed to find one; they decided to build one themselves. Now, Rupa and Manjul are residents of Lithia, Florida, dedicated to applying innovative methods to providing a fantastic education to every child in their community. Rupa and Manjul are proud parents of two daughters. Their oldest daughter competed in division I college athletics as a distance runner, recently graduated from Harvard University and is hoping to become a primary care physician to help families in need. Their younger daughter is completing middle school this year, an avid soccer player and has a budding interest in math and computer science. Manjul has a MS in computer science from University of South Florida. Rupa us a licensed occupational therapist. Both Manjul and Rupa and years of experience managing and growing teams. Manjul has a passion for the outdoors. Rupa loves to travel and experience new cultures. Rupa and Manjul Shah LOVE to work with children, and have owned and operated four successful preschools in the past twelve years. Rupa and Manjul started as franchisees with Creative World nearly five years ago. They have received tremendous support and love from the administrators, owners, and directors who are a part of the Creative World family. Manjul and Rupa strive to build teams that can deliver outstanding childcare by allocating responsibility, creating effective channels for communication and having a great working relationship. What excites Rupa and Manjul most about their work is breaking down traditional barriers in early education to provide enriching environments tailored to the unique learning style of each student.


Deborah Boyd

My name is Deborah Boyd and I have been a proud member of the Creative World family since 2009. I have worked with preschool and VPK for many years before becoming the Director at Creative World Riverview. I have my Bachelor's in Business Management, Staff Credentials, and VPK endorsed Director's Credential. Creative World School's educational philosophy ensures the success of each child. From our hands-on, iSTEAM Exploratorium™ experiences to our child-led inquiry experiences, we put children in the driver's seat for their own learning journeys. It is amazing to watch educators in our field experience our revolutionary approach to early learning and see children come alive with curiosity and wonder. I love watching children grow socially and developmentally and am excited to partner with the families and staff to help ensure the success of every child enrolled at our school.

Family buzz

Our daughter had a great VPK experience at CW, so when full time care was needed for our school aged daughter and toddler son CW was at the top of our list. The administrative staff was more than willing to work with our unique circumstances. The child care staff is very well trained and have been extremely welcoming to both our children as well as my wife and I. We were very impressed that after only one week, the staff knew both my wife and I by name. We recommend Creative World's safe and nurturing learning environment to anybody looking. - Derek Povich

CW Riverview

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