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Creative World is dedicated to the education and development of young children. Families who have visited an East Orlando, FL preschool, childcare, or daycare center will immediately see the difference when they visit our school.

We provide a unique and fun approach to learning, with an age-appropriate curriculum. If you are looking for a quality learning experience, staffed with amazing teachers, look no further. All Creative World Schools are unique and more than just a daycare!

You’ll be amazed when you come to visit our Exploratorium™ and see iSTEAM in action.

Our Community

Creative World School at Cypress Springs is located on the Northeast corner of South Dean Road at Cypress Springs Parkway, Orlando FL 32825. Call today for more information or to schedule a tour of our school!

Our bus provides transportation to and from Cypress Springs Elementary, Deerwood Elementary and Andover Elementary School. We offer programs for infants, toddlers, twos, threes, preschool, and school-aged children. Whether it’s providing babies with lots of love and attention, helping little ones with their first steps, or assisting with homework completion, our range of services is perfect for kids at any stage.

Call (407) 204-0024 for more information or to schedule a tour of our new facility.


You will see iSTEAM in action when you visit our Creative World School Exploratorium™. Our hands-on approach integrates STEAM learning opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and investigate real-world ideas. Investigating real questions through inquiry learning is the foundation of our curriculum. Inquiry is the “i” in iSTEAM and encourages a student’s curiosity as they develop problem solving skills and build a foundation for lifelong learning.

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Ella and Darek Rusnak

Nice to meet you! I am Ella Rusnak. My husband, Darek, and I are the proud Owners of Creative World School at Cypress Springs. We have been living on the East Side of Orlando since 1995, and have seen the neighborhood grow over the years. We have lived in the Cypress Springs Subdivision for a few years and love boating, fishing, cooking and spending time with family and friends. Darek and I are active in our small Polish community where we met Ewa and Ziggy Frackiewicz (co-owners of Creative World Cypress Springs). We became great friends and decided to share our love for children by opening a Creative World School. Being raised by parent teachers has helped us to understand that teaching and molding children from the very beginning is important in helping them to develop successful lives. "As an immigrant family, we can say it is not easy to accomplish your dreams, but it is possible by working hard and having a loving and supporting family and friends."


Ewa and Ziggy Frackiewicz

Hi, I am Ewa Frackiewicz. My husband Zdzislaw (Ziggy) and I are so excited to be Owners of Creative World School at Cypress Springs! Ziggy and I were both born in Poland and came to America, when we were in our teens, to find better opportunities in life. Ziggy is a self-made businessman, I am in finance, and we have two beautiful and very smart children, Damian and Sara. I served as President of the Polish Club of Orlando for two years. Throughout that time, we had many opportunities to meet new families, some of whom we became very close and good friends with. That is how we met Darek and Ella (co-owners of Creative World Cypress Springs). My passion for children began back in Europe where I often helped in preschools and orphanages. From those experiences, I always dreamed of working with children. I believe that since children are only "kids" once in a lifetime, it is important to provide them with a memorable experience while giving an education that is both fun and creative. "We put our thoughts, experience, money, and love for children together and decided that this was a great time and opportunity to make our dreams a reality!"

executive director

Anthony Aurigemma

I am Anthony Aurigemma, Executive Director of Creative World at Cypress Springs. I grew up in New York on Long Island in a large family of six children! I am excited to cultivate a positive atmosphere, keeping the lines of communication open among staff, students, and parents. I feel that teamwork is the ultimate way a school can be successful in reaching the goal of helping a child attain his or her full potential. I know that a collaborative school environment is the key to creating successful teachers and students. I can't wait to form lasting partnerships with parents and the community to give each child an enriching experience at Creative World School at Cypress Springs. "I believe that all children can learn, but each learns in a different way and at a different rate. Children learn best by having fun, through hands-on learning activities. I believe that with hard work and perseverance we can touch each child in a special way."

Family buzz

The entire staff at CW Cypress Springs has been very accommodating and provided such a warm welcome for our family. My husband and I are extremely impressed with the facility and quality of care they provide. Our 4 month old daughter lights up with a smile when she sees her teachers in the morning and has shown great improvements in her milestones in her short time there. The app that they offer helps to keep us connected and make us feel like we are still a part of her day. We are very happy to be a part of the CW CS family and are looking forward to watching it grow! - Benita Hendrickson Goldblatt

CW Cypress Springs

1725 S. Dean Rd.
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Infants, Toddlers, Twos, Preschool, VPK, Pre-K, School Age
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