caring of kids

Land O' Lakes, FL
The teachers really care about the children and the educational aspect. They strive for their greatness! We love our teachers!

Land O' Lakes, FL
We love CW Land O Lakes! Great teachers and staff. They’re kind and love on my son. My son learns so much at school. He comes home and will say and do things he learned at school and we’re amazed by what he’s absorbed and knows. The staff is wonderful and really work hard to teach my little one

Land O' Lakes, FL
My kids love school there! Happy kids= happy parents! All the teachers are happy and helpful. Samantha is always responsive, kind and always greets us. She even goes out of her way to help when kids are having a difficult morning which is priceless! We appreciate you!

Land O' Lakes, FL
We love how the curriculum changes every month, how happy our kid is when he talks about school and his friends, we love love LOVE the app updates throughout the day, and we love how caring and friendly the teaching and admin staff are.

Land o lakes, FL
I love how hands on the teachers are with each student, and how my son is excited to show and tell what he’s learning. Also the school keep you updated on everything about your child, I’m new to creative world but so far the school is providing excellent service.

Tampa, FL
The variety of topics and the way said topic is explored is great! My child has a lot of fun learning. Perhaps communication could be better. For instance when a new director is stepping in, or a new teacher is stepping in. It’s important to know who are children will be around and we can better prep them for it.

Land o' Lakes, FL
Our daughter enjoys going to the day care, very caring staff, we love it.

Land O' Lakes, FL
Well , for me the more important is Daniela us happy , she like her school. To me this mean they treat her right.

Land O' Lakes, FL
My son loves to come to school and everyone is so nice! It’s nice being updated throughout the day about him also!

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