This is my sons 2nd yr in pre k. He went in a diff school coz we just move here and i like how my son will go home and when i ask him what he learn in school he is actually telling us something like he is learning new stuff everyday. Unlike with his previous school where hed say they just play. I love that creative world incorporate learning with playing so my son still learns academically while he enjoys going to school. Its just been a few wks and i think hes learned more than what he does in a yr in his previous school. And everybody there, all staff and even the leaders are so nice and helpful. So i know i made the right choice.


Fort myers, FL
The staff make it like a second home. From the second you walk in to drop your child off you feel safe and in good hands.

Fort Myers, FL
recommend Creative World School, por su dedicación con los niños, por su método de enseñanzas.

estero, FL
Me gusta su dedicación y preparación , me gusta su amabilidad y paciencia k tienen con los niños mi hijo está encantado con su maestra Ana gracias por tanto

I love that the teachers are so interactive with the students and make learning fun

Fort Myers, FL
We love Creative World Estero! They did such a great job with our boys. The staff and teachers are super friendly. Highly, highly recommend.

fort myers, FL
I love how understanding and patient the teachers are. I think it’s amazing the events they hold at school so many of us are so caught up with work during the week we really don’t get to enjoy that time with our children and you guys are able to give that little break to not just the kids but us and it’s always so fun!

Fort Myers, FL
Creative World has been a great fit for us thus far. We were nervous about our daughter's transition from the infant class to the next class up but within a couple weeks, she followed suit and is doing wonderful in our eyes. Ms. Chrissy made sure to send us a couple photos during those transition weeks to see how she was doing which was reassuring and comforting. Ms. Chrissy communicates well about any issues and answers any of our questions. We can tell Olivia had a good day learning and exploring on her ride home after school. Thank you Ms. Chrissy and her fellow peers (Michelle, Meighan, Christina) for taking great care of our little girl. Maila and Jessica are always on top of everything as well. They even accommodated without hesitation our daughter's diapers when the pediatrician suspected maybe a sensitivity to a new brand the school was using. We appreciate you all!

Fort Myers, FL
Creative World has helped both of our boys grow and learn. More importantly, they love going to school and we all feel safe there. The staff and teachers have always been understanding and helpful with our specific needs. We feel well informed of our children’s daily activities and feel included in their education.

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