Very friendly teachers . Well educated. Babygirl sent from crying everyday knowing she was going to school to being very excited to go and learn .

Tampa, FL
I love the teaching they give and I am very happy with the achievements my daughter has had

Everything is I like everything

It's very clean. The teachers are so sweet and kind to the kids. My child has started learning so much!

Clearwater, FL
The emphasis on education has been much better at this school than my last experience. My child is excelling and learning more than I expected at this age.

Kids love it, activities are great and they interact with nature. Very grateful to the staff.

Tampa, FL
I feel very happy with this new daycare for my son

Inclusive, healthy food for the kids, different activities for kids and good environment!

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL
this was my child's first daycare at the age of 1 and it is now her annual summer school... the school has and has always had wonderful teachers... from Ms. Annie, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Gloria, Ms. Shabana (ex CWS), Ms. Sharon (ex CWS), Ms. Sharayah (ex CWS), Ms. Bernice (ex CWS), Ms. Serena (ex CWS), Ms. Wanda, Ms. Donazella, Ms. Alberta, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Nicole to her current teachers Ms. Chandan and Mr. Frank, her teachers have always been super kind towards us and have always covered both of our interests. Special shoutout to Ms. Donazella, for encouraging my kid to eat her daily lunches and the whole staff at CWS - ya'll never fail to amaze me. Thank you for all you do.

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