There’s nothing like cozy, lazy days with family. Keep everyone together and entertained with these fun, easy-to-prep family activities!

  1. The Family that Paints Together…

Host a family art night (or morning or afternoon!). Group paint projects are all the rage right now. Make some cocoa and set out paper and whatever paint you prefer: watercolor, oil, acrylic, or tempera. Either set a theme (like, “Winter” or “Family”) or let the sky be the limit and see just how creative everyone can be!


2. Ice Skate… Indoors!

Our teachers use this trick all of the time: cut a piece of wax paper and step on it with bare feet to slip, slide, and “ice skate” all over the carpet! This ice skating adventure is fun for all ages… especially when you boogie together to some favorite tunes.


3. The Littlest Chef… Leftover Edition!

Cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, and potato casserole… oh my! We know you have bits and pieces of leftovers stashed in your fridge. Create some chef hats from paper and host a Littlest Chef Cook off. Who can make the most creative combo of leftovers?

Whatever fun you decide to have… it’s always better when you’re together!