Whether you’re a Tom or an Angus, a Jenny or a Bellamy, your name is a unique and personal element of who you are! Just as your parents named you after grandpa or their favorite state, you put thought and care into naming your child.


Why do names matter?

  • A child’s name is one of the first sounds they recognize.
  • The sound of a child’s name is one of the first indicators of personhood: that they are a separate entity from parents and siblings.
  • The letters in a child’s name are usually the first letters they learn.
  • A child’s name is one of the first words they learn to recognize and write.

To expand on your child’s growing understanding of their name, have some fun looking into what your family names mean!

Here are some websites where you can easily look up what names mean (and their history or popularity!):

  1. Behind the Name
  2. Baby Names
  3. Name Stats

Names are fun and personal… but remember, no matter what your name, everyone is special!