Did you know that all Creative World Schools must seek accreditation within a year of opening? Being accredited as an early learning school means that we achieve the highest standards of quality and commitment to excellence. But at Creative World, we’re never content with great… we want to be the BEST! That’s why in addition to external validators, our support coaches conduct quarterly inspections that gauge a school’s adherence to our strict quality standards.


Because we won’t settle for anything less than the best for our young learners, earning an “A” in our company is quite an accomplishment! That’s why we are so pleased to announce that every single one of our schools in Kansas City, MO achieved an A on their fall inspections. This means that in ever category, from Office Leadership to Education to Professionalism and Safety, these Leaders and Teachers are the cream of the crop! We want to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to these top performers! We’re so glad you’re in our family.