My 20 month old is discovering (and pointing out) colors everywhere we go! This new skill is thrilling to him as he points out the “big green truck” and the “yellow duck… quack!” I enjoy his expanding vocabulary.


This morning, as I brushed his hair, he pointed to the comb and said “purple” (he’s right!). It struck me, I’ve never really noticed that my comb is purple. I suppose at one time I was in a store and picked it over a blue or red comb because I liked it. But I definitely don’t think to enjoy the purpleness of my comb every day when I run it through my hair. I’m probably thinking more about how fast I can get my makeup on or what I need to pack the baby for lunch or what errands have to be run.

Children can teach us a lot about “stopping to smell the roses.” I think one way they do this is by showing us how joyful our sensory experience in the world can be!

It is delightful that the grass is so green, contrasted against a light blue sky. It’s beautiful the way a bubble turns prismatic before popping. It’s intriguing the way my translucent red toothbrush makes everything look red when I hold it close to my eyes (my son loves to do this).

We are fortunate to be surrounded by little ones whose eyes look at the world with fresh wonder. We would be lucky to catch and carry some of that wonder ourselves! It certainly gives us a fresh infusion of joy.