This month at Creative World Schools, we are getting our hands dirty and heading Down to Earth! We love this month full of nature, outdoor exploration, and discovering how things grow.

We understand how valuable a connection to nature is to early learning.

Researchers have identified a number of developmental benefits that come from outdoor play, including the following:

• Increased creativity and imagination

• Development of a sense of wonder (wonder is an important motivator for lifelong learning)

• Increased social interactions between children

• Enhanced opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, and collaborate with peers, which also promote language and communication skills

• Improved awareness, reasoning, and observation skills

• Positive effects on children’s ability to focus and pay attention.*

Dirt 1 Ready for some outdoor exploration ideas with your young one? Follow the link for an article with some GREAT IDEAS and find a Creative World School near you to join us as we enjoy the great outdoors this month!

*For the full article: