0One of our great privileges as a company is to grow our family through franchises and internal growth! This year in addition to several new franchises in Florida, we are excited to welcome a New Owner to one of our existing schools, Creative World School Apollo Beach!

Ms. Charlene Wiggins has been the director at CWS Apollo Beach and has now transitioned into ownership of the school. Her love and passion for early education as she works tirelessly in a pursuit of excellence is widely evident! She makes every effort to connect with families every day and loves investing in the lives of children.

We could not be more thrilled that she is adopting a new role and will continue to be a great benefit to her directors, teachers, and community! 20150330_190122

Join us in welcoming her in this new role and celebrating all of the great things in store at CWS Apollo Beach!

Want to know more about how you can invest in children and make a difference by owning your own Creative World School Franchise? Visit us at www.franchise.creativeworldschool.com to learn more!

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