Early Childhood Development Research has found a significant link between the number of words children hear and their emerging vocabulary. Children with talkative families tend to have larger, richer vocabularies and a higher intellect. Talkative parents are not defined as those who are initiating more interactions or having “purposeful” talks, but rather elaborating and responding to everyday moments. This everyday chit-chat has a lasting, powerful impact on their child’s overall language development.


At Creative World School, we believe in the power of words and the magic of conversing with children! Our instruction focuses on small group learning to allow space for individual voices and collaborative moments with teachers and among peers. Singing, rhyming, and storytelling are everyday teaching practices that  have  the  power  to  deeply  impact  the success  of  our  students.  Listening and encouraging young voices to express their thoughts is the goal of our active and dynamic approach to learning.


Here’s how YOU can integrate the power of words into your family’s core foundation:

  • Talk! Chat! …and talk some more!
  • Sing and listen to music together.
  • Make up silly rhymes and songs.
  • Read and discuss books.
  • Ask questions and be interested in what your child knows.
  • Tell stories and put on puppet shows.
  • Listen and encourage conversation.