causeway july 4
CWS Causeway used dozens of plastic cups to create a flag on their playground fence. They also waved their flags proudly in a school parade!

We love that our Creative World Schools, students, teachers, and families, donned the red, white, & blue and joined their communities in local parades and celebrations all over the country this past weekend!

We had a blast doing our firework and flag crafts, creating floats and costumes, and learning all about what makes our nation great!

estero parade
Director and teachers from CWS Estero, FL, celebrated with their Statue of Liberty (contest-winning) classroom sculpture in a local parade!
fireworks aurora july 4
Some of the younger students at CWS Aurora used bristle brushes to create Fourth of July firework art!
july 4 plainfield
With red and blue streamers, students at CWS Plainfield, IL, proudly represented their country in a school parade!
rivercrest flagts
CWS Rivercrest learned all about Old Glory and created flag artwork!