The Importance of Movement in Play

Any of us who have or spend any time around children know that they are constantly moving. And, if we’re being honest there are many times when we wish that they would just “be still”. The reality is children need to move to develop coordination, and strength to engage and explore their world – movement is crucial for their development.

The great news is that even when the weather isn’t cooperating there are so many ways to build movement into your everyday routines. Need your child to do something they aren’t that interested in doing? Make it a race! Too much noise and random/uncontrolled movement? Dance party! Kiddo wants to help with a task that they’re not ready for? Pretend play – gather play objects and do what you see (imitation).

At Creative World we understand the importance of movement in play which is why we dedicate time for movement every day.  Even if you don’t have much space, there are so many ways you can build movement into your day.  Take a walk and explore your neighborhood, play an indoor circle game (duck-duck-goose anyone), or invite your child to join you in parts of your own strength and fitness routine.

The benefits of keeping children active go beyond just physical development. Movement also helps reduce stress and anxiety, boosts confidence and independence, and, most importantly, is a fun way for children to learn and we know that children learn best through play.

So, as we wrap up our monthly inquiry “Move It”, we encourage you to keep the momentum going at home! By intentionally building movement into your everyday routines, you’ll add more quality time with your children, make memories, and improve everyone’s sleep, health, and well-being.