You want to remember these precious moments forever… the moment when your littles take that first big step to go to school, preschool, or even childcare for the first time. Capturing those first moments when they are packed up and heading off will make for a lifelong memory! Here are some of our favorite, creative ideas for getting a great First Day of School shot!

1. Printables

Printables are all the rage for quick, cute pics! Go simple with single page printouts (like these) or fancy with cardstock, foam, or wood letters glued to a frame! The pic above has a chalkboard star so you can reuse the photo for “100th day” or “Last Day” as well!

2. Photo Booth Style

Photo booths are all the rage. Use a colorful backdrop and let your little one ham it up with callout props, silly glasses, and more! This will be a fun and funny way to remember the day.


3. Large-Scale Chalk Drawings

Go graphic with a large-scale drawing or caption for your big kid’s pics! Fill in stats and/or use a ruler to remember just how grown up your little one was on their first day of school!


4. Chalkboard Prop

Use a chalkboard prop to create a custom message! You can take a variety of funny, sweet, silly, and nostalgic pics to remember these wonderful moments. Find inexpensive chalkboard pieces online.


5. Stat Style

We love the idea of detailing a child’s individual ideas, preferences, and style on a printable, piece of paper, or chalkboard prop. Some memorable info to record would be grade, age, “what I want to be when I grow up”, “my favorite…”, school name, teacher’s name, date, and quotables!


6. Tradition Shots

Whether it’s a “Class of…” t-shirt, a specific pose, or a prop, taking the same pic on the “First Day of School” each year over the course of several years can be a precious tradition. You’ll love looking back each year on how much your child has changed and developed!


Whatever your style, we’re wishing all of our families a happy happy happy First Day of School!