Creative World Belton in Missouri has been chosen as the School of the Week! We are grateful for the staff’s hard work and are grateful that they and the wonderful students are part of the CW family! Below is information that the school shared with us about their school and what makes them unique!

CWS: Where is CW Belton and when did it open?

BEL: Belton opened in the community of Belton, which is 20 miles south of Kansas City. Our school also serves a handful of Raymore elementary schools in addition to schools in Belton.



CWS: How many students and staff are currently at CW Belton?

BEL: There are 177 children enrolled in the school with 30 teachers and staff.

CWS: What range of Educational Programs do you offer at your location?

BEL: We care for Infants all the way up to School-Age children.


CWS: Besides your daily programs, do you have any other programs at your school?

BEL: Yes! We offer many different programs to our students. We offer Happy Feet, CMX 8 Dance and Movement Class, The Language Project – for Spanish, and JR Karate.  

CWS: What events this fall are you looking forward to the most?

BEL: We are looking forward to our Fall Festival which is on Thursday, October 11th from 6-7:30 p.m.  The entire school is participating in a “Wizard of Oz” theme and are all dressing up and having an Oz themed activity! The teachers are all working very hard on their props for the night of fun! 

We are also looking forward to our November parent event– a dance party & nutrition night on November 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  We have invited some local nutrition & health businesses to set up booths for the event. We are also introducing the Star Power Program to the children (a community-outreach program sponsored by Kohl’s and Children’s Mercy Hospital that provides classroom-based mind & body health and wellness education and resources for Kansas City-area schools) as well as a dance fitness party for the parents. We are looking forward to an awesome month of fun and learning!


CWS: What are the students’ favorite activities in the fall theme? 

BEL: The children love to see and discover the changes in the Fall season. They especially enjoy witnessing the colors of the leaves develop and change as the season progresses. Our children are having a great time exploring Fall items including:  corn, grains, leaves, acorns, pinecones, trees, flowers/plants etc.  The Pre-K children enjoy the CW Connections activity of taking a walk with their family to discover the different leaves and all their colors.  While on the walk they collect leaves and make leaf rubbing to share with their class!  Some students even bring some of the leaves they collect to share with the class.

CWS: What sets your school apart from other CW Schools?

BEL: Many things contribute to our uniqueness! Our teachers are really involved in each theme that they create and teach.  For example, our Penguins teachers created a Fall tree to introduce the different Fall textures, the Whales teachers created a seasons tree for the children to explore and play with, the Zebras created a dramatic play barn where the children can explore different aspects of the Fall and also farm animals, and the Giraffes made a wearable farm tractor out of a box that the children are using for pretend play!  All of the teachers enjoy learning right along with the children!  Our Exploratorium houses a sort of theme explosion for each month of learning.  Our Exploratorium teacher is very creative and works very hard to make each day an awesome learning experience! Our families thoroughly enjoy our special parent/family themed events! Just to name a few:  Our Annual Art Auction, Messy Art Night, Fall Festival, Dance Party/Nutrition Night, Animal Safari Night, Raingutter Regatta, Going On A Bug Hunt Night, Extraordinary Food Night, Transportation Night, Skyscraper Extravaganza, and Pumpkin Auction.  Another creative aspect of our school is that our teachers get very involved in making awesome props for each month of learning!  As a whole our school demonstrates a family atmosphere and tremendous teamwork with the bar set high for an excellent education! 



Thank you so much CW Belton for sharing all that awesome information with us! We so are delighted with all of the wonderful things happening at your school!

Go to the link below to check out their school website and learn about the fun events planned at Creative World Belton!