We’re well into the lazy, hazy days of summer!Rainy-Day-To-do-list

Use some of these boredom-busters to assemble a Rainy Day To Do List so you are sure to have adventures and fun all summer long… even when it’s not so sunny out!

1. Read All About It

  • Pick a book and put on a play! Choose characters, design costumes and a set, draw tickets, write out the script, and video your production.
  • Create alternate endings to your favorite stories and write them down together.
  • Play Mad Libs by subbing in different nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a simple story book. What wacky combinations can you come up with?


2. Make it Musical

  • Create your own instruments with cardboard tubes and boxes!
  • Play freeze dance or just have a dance party.
  • Create a music wall indoors or outdoors using found objects and recyclables. What in your house make fun or different noises? Use zip ties or yarn to secure the objects and cardboard tubes or plastic utensils for a percussive jam session.

3. Work it Out

  • Build a pillow and blanket fort and have a tea party or play shadow puppets.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course: use masking tape on the floor to mark the course, roll up towels to jump over or balance on, and use string to create a “web” the children have to climb through. Let them help set up and clean up!

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