Staff is amazing. Classes are educational and fun for the kids.

That they learn AND get valuable play time. I love the outdoor exploring they do when it's not cold out and we love that gym time for playtime. We love our teachers and the staff. They are wonderful people who care about us and our kids.

Very interactive and caring. The STEAM based curriculam which helps kids to develop interest in every aspect of science and technology.

Great after school program and day off school camps. Kids are involved in ISTEAM curriculum. Homeworks and reading time are highly encoraged. Gym is the best, at the end of the day kids can run, climb, jump and let their energy out. Wole school environment is safe, educational and family friendly!

Creative World is a beautiful school with an awesome staff who enjoys creating, exploring and adventuring into activities that activates the children cognitive skills.

All the teachers is great and nice with every kids , the program is excellent !

I had a hard time going back to work full time and leaving my baby in someone else’s care. After meeting the management team and my baby’s teacher, I was so assured that she’d be in capable hands. The communication though email and the school app has been very helpful in knowing what my daughter is doing throughout the day, and it puts me at ease to go about my own day worry-free. Thanks so much for taking such good care of her, Creative World!

My child love it here.

Creative World intergretes all education areas into their daily curriculm. At such an early age, children are learning not only social and emotional growth but science, technology, engineering, all the arts, and mathematics. The teachers give so much time, love, compassion, and patience to each of their students. They go above and beyond to help each child with their individual needs. When you your preschools you will see the basic standards, but when you walk into Creatibe World you walk into an educational, exploration and exciting enviroment you wouldn't see elsewhere.

Ms. Raven is everything you would want in a Teacher and caregiver. She gives you child specific information when you pick up and she always tells you something funny or cute your child did that day. It’s a great feeling knowing that your child is in good hands!

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