Rainbow Day was full of colorful adventures at Creative World Schools! We let our inquiry STEAM ahead as we explored Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math somewhere special… over the rainbow!


rainbow day
Making a rainbow from recycled paper shreds!
rainbow girls
Sorting found objects on the rainbow!

Centered in our unique Exploratorium space, our Rainbow Day Explorations fueled our curiosity about the colorful world all around us! Nature is one of the first ways that children learn color: “The best way to teach preschoolers their colors is to use their environment as a teaching tool,” says Maureen McCourt Boylan, former kindergarten teacher and author of Leap into Literacy.

Rainbows are circles that can help us learn all about engineering and math through arches, layers, stacking, and sorting. We also explored rainbows with a scientific eye as we played with prisms and enjoyed the dynamics of refracted and reflected light. The possibilities are endless and we love providing our young learners with the tools and open-ended themes to explore new ideas!  Want to inspire your own young child to learn through rainbows? Here are some book ideas:

rainbow day 4
Can you make a colorful arch? Using construction paper to explore our engineering skills. by Edwin C. Krupp [HarperCollins, 2000]
Rainbow and You, by Edwin C. Krupp [HarperCollins, 2000]

A Rainbow of My Own, by Don Freeman [Puffin, 1978]

Over the Rainbow, by E.Y. Harburg [Peter Yarrow Books]

All the Colors of the Rainbow,by Allan Fowler [Children’s Press, 1999]

rainbow day 3
We are all special! And we can make art with our little hands.