Last year’s Graduating Class of 2015, from CWS Cross Creek in New Tampa, FL!

Seemingly overnight, “Preschool Graduation” (complete with cap and gowns) became a thing. Is it a silly ceremony that assigns irrelevant importance to a perceived milestone? Or can it be a valuable moment in your child’s learning journey… and life?

  • A graduation ceremony signifies this: School IS Special! Occasions for celebration where family is invited, pictures are taken, and people are dressed up has long indicated a moment of importance in our culture.
  • Ceremonies provide a platform for praise. Praise is pivotal for a young child: praise for academic effort in their learning journey can begin a lifelong, positive association with school.
  • Often, these ceremonies involve special recognition or special conversations with a teacher that describe how a child is unique… what traits they display and are commended for. This is a valuable moment of positive self-definition that can be of enormous value in your child’s social-emotional development.

If you value a “Graduation” experience, it may remind your child that your family values school. Because we believe that children are set on a significant learning journey from a young age, it’s never too early to celebrate their progress!

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