From newsprint to signs to lined, construction, and plain… paper is a familiar substance for all children. This month, in our Exploratorium™, we are featuring Paper as the Art Medium to explore!

Paper is powerful because it presents a start-to-finish journey of creativity. First, we create the canvas, then we shred, tear, cut, pierce, and configure our paper sculptures. How can we add color? We can dive into the science of how different papers absorb or repel moisture, and why. What we can create is only as limited as our own imaginations… which we know are limitless!

Want to take the journey with us?

Here’s a sneak peek at how we’re going to investigate:



Collect scraps of paper, shred them into tiny pieces, soak the paper shreds in water until they are very soft, blend or mash the paper into a pulp.

Use a very thin screen and a deep baking dish for the final steps: Mix the pulp with some water in a baking dish (vary thickness for your desired result). Use a small screen to scoop the watery pulp out of the baking dish. Press a dishcloth on top to remove excess water and let dry.

Need some visuals? 

*Through this process, you can add cornstarch, add less or more water, and other variables to create a variety of paper textures.


We are getting inspired by some unbelievable paper sculptors:

Cutting, folding, crumpling, or layering… paper can provide a canvas for the imagination! Think of where you and your child see paper everyday… and save it! What kind of collage, origami, sketch, or sculpture can you make from a collection of receipts, tags, napkins, menus, and scraps? You may be amazed at how beauty emerges from unexpected sources!

Here are some resources we recommend to help you support how your child is learning at our school this month!


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