This month in our Exploratorium we are exploring Letters & Numbers through exploration and investigation.

Try a great activity with your child at home using their favorite toys.

This activity featured on B-Inspired Mama was great inspiration and the concept can be applied to any type of toy your child favors at this time. You could try with letters, numbers, or  small word components – depending on their age or literacy level.


B-Inspired Mama used cars and a parking lot set up to engage her son in the activity.

Toy Box Literacy

To incorporate other toys, gather stickers or tags and label with letters or numbers. If you are using stuffed toys, you could label the toys and with the help of you child, build a house for their stuffed friends and let them decide where each toy ‘lives’. Label the spots with the corresponding letter or number and let them have fun matching when they go to bed or play throughout their day!