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  • This year, our company stepped up to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As a Corporate Team, we walked 183,104 steps resulting in a donation of $1831.04 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

  • There’s still time for your school to join our team to make a big impact on breast cancer support and research. Follow this link to access the Creative World donation page.

  • We can’t wait to see how everyone contributed to this amazing cause this month!

What is great about Creative World right now? We shared some amazing things, here are a few:

  • Our parents are coming back in the building for drop-off and pickup!

  • Our enrollment is up!

  • Parents have added really uplifting and inspirational comments in Listen 360.

  • Some great curriculum is happening in our buildings!

Click here to view a reading of “What Do You Do With a Problem?” by Kobi Yamada.

Click here to view the Questolutions video.

“The economy can’t work without us! We are positioned to be the high-quality education provider to meet demands in 2022.” Marianne couldn’t have said it better; 2022 is right around the corner and we foresee a “childcare funding revolution”!

This is our opportunity to be innovators and have new conversations with staff. When it comes to hiring, instead of trying to solve the problem, we are thinking of what questions we can ask to find the solution! The answers to the questions – and even the questions themselves – can come from our staff. When we are all focused on the same goals, we are powerful and can accomplish amazing things together.

Here are Some of the Hiring “Questolutions” we Shared

  • How can I excite my staff about curriculum?
  • How might I engage staff in new ways?
  • What if I found a new way to find quality staff?
  • How can I tap into what prospective staff are looking for?
  • How can I help teachers change to a growth mindset?
  • How can I train to retain?


  • A great resource by Beverly Kaye can be found here. Be sure to order the 6th edition for the most updated ideas on ways to engage your teachers.

  • Onboarding can be the make it or break it point in engaging a new employee. Protecting the integrity of onboarding and training takes time, planning and a true commitment. Remember that engagement = Retention and we all need a little of that! A couple of great call outs from our time together:

    • Schedule their onboarding for days and times when you will be available to support their training. Block your calendar for a couple of hours on the employee’s first day.  Getting to know your staff and allowing them insight into you and your school begins a strong relationship. Find out how they like to receive feedback, what is important to them, what ways they like to be recognized and check in along the way – you won’t be sorry!

    • Streamline your onboarding process by having new staff train for a few hours over several days. The training modules are not intended to be completed on the first day.  As new employees complete modules, don’t forget to check for understanding along the way – again, it shows that you are invested in them!

    • Get the whole team involved! Have new hires observe different Rock Star teachers for periods of the day. Discuss what the teacher observed after their classroom time.

  • Know the future goals of each member of your team – you could have a decade of bench sitting in your school and without asking would never know what an employee is up for! Remember that the workforce is looking for a strong purpose in the work they do, and there is NO bigger purpose than teaching, celebrating, and influencing the future.

  • Conduct periodic “stay interviews” – what makes your employees stay? What are they enjoying?  What do they wish there was more/less of?  Ask the questions, listen, and respond.

  • Create a work environment where the only answer to “I can’t imagine working anywhere but Creative World” would be an absolute agree!
  • Check out the new Training Tidbits available in the Learning section of CW Central.

  • There are multiple training platforms currently available, with more to come!

  • Fill out the Training Request Form on CW Central for assistance.

  • We’re looking for your feedback on training topics that could benefit your school. If you haven’t already done so, please complete the feedback form here.

  • Coming Soon from the Education Team:

    • Team Leader Tuesdays

    • CW Certified Trainer Programs
  • Get your team inspired for our upcoming T-Shirt Slogan Contest by watching the video of our updated mascots! (Please keep in mind, this is a slogan contest, not a design contest.) We don’t want to take up too much of your teacher’s time, but want to tap into their creativity and excitement!) More information coming soon!
  • Dress code update! Staff are allowed to wear jeans as long as they are paired with Creative World attire. A new dress code policy will be updated in staff handbooks soon.
  • Celebrate new enrollment school-wide. Get the classroom teacher’s buy-in by including them in the new child’s orientation process.
  • Emphasize that when enrollment increases, the teachers are providing more children with an opportunity for high quality care and education.
  • Use strategic enrollment to maximize your staffing capacities.


  • Check out our new CW Mascots video! Mascots will be updated in phases in the school and select items are available for purchase on ProShop now, with more to come.
  • New T-Shirts are coming soon to Darter OR you can email your local (reputable) t-shirt printer’s contact information to our support email and CW Studio will send artwork directly to the printer.
  • Updated Operations Guide coming soon.
  • This Month at Creative World is an editable overview of highlighted school events to use as marketing tool to print and distribute to touring families and make available to current families. You can find each month’s template with instructions in CW Central.
  • We’d like to brainstorm possibilities for a specific CW Cares Creative World cause.  Email Kathy to join the committee to pick a system-wide focus.
  • Planning has started for a great day of Professional Development and Giving Back to our community. 

  • Email Kathy to sign up for planning committee of directors

  • Monday January 17, 2022 is only two months away!
  • We are excited to partner with CareerPlug to enhance our hiring practices!

  • CareerPlug has a vast array of resources to help you navigate your CareerPlug page. Be sure to scroll through the various links on your CareerPlug page to identify the help available to you.

  • A quick reminder that we do not have backhouse credentials to your CareerPlug page so any change in users, accesses, etc. will need to be made through your CareerPlug representative.

  • We CAN help with templates, interview questions, scorecards, etc. so if you don’t see something on your page you need, reach out to Ann and we’ll get that submitted.

  • Early bird gets the worm! We highly recommend that you work those leads at least once each day (and more if possible).
  • We have a new print portal, ProShop! User login information (logins for owner emails and logins for school emails) has been sent out. Please email Eric if you did not receive your welcome email. Some perks with ProShop: Free shipping on orders over $50, many items are customizable, and more items will be added. If you don’t see an item you are looking for, email Support with your request. If we can make the product available, we will!
  • As a company, we’re undertaking a Grateful Challenge in November!
  • Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to join the committee. We’ll be sharing more details about this challenge soon.
  • We are Honorees!

  • Each year GrowFL honors 50 FL based companies for their innovation, growth, and community contributions. This year we are 1 of those 50 businesses who are now a company to watch! Go Team!