At Creative World, our core educational philosophy embraces the unlimited potential of every child and we take very seriously our role in shaping the future through our teaching. We all want a world where every child has a bright future and can realize their dreams.

We are inspired by a movement that seeks social justice and works to help us see the power of our actions and voices. We raise our voice as early childhood educators, to put on our listening ears and commit to the hard work that we ask our children to do each day. We must listen, learn, play together, share, and empathize as we come together to heal.

We are committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment in each of our schools. Listening, learning, and providing a safe space for our children, families, and staff will always remain a focus and a priority. Creative World will continue to stand for equality in our philosophy, our environments, and our actions. 

We hear you, we stand with you, and we support you!