Hello from Creative World Franchising Headquarters! We took a few minutes to talk to our newest Creative World School owners, so they could share their story. They are looking forward to opening their new school and we are so excited to introduce them to you!

Interview with new franchisee, Raj Sadcheva:

Tell us about yourself and your family. Where are you from? Do you have any children?

I was working in California when I met my wife Prachi who was teaching at a University in Florida. Both of us grew up in India and had come to the US for graduate school. We got married in 1991. We have two teenage daughters who currrently attend Plano schools.

What is your educational background?

I have a PhD in Engineering and an Executive MBA from SMU. My wife has a PhD in Probability / Statistics from University of Santa Barbara, CA. In India, I had done a BS in Petroleum Engineering and Prachi had finished an MS in Mathematics from IIT, Mumbai.

What is your business background?

I have been in management in the oil industry for over 15 years and have run many successful and profitable groups. My earlier engineering-related roles were in sales, consulting, simulation, etc. I decided to shift gears and do something on my own that would be more fulfilling, and thus the foray into childcare. My wife is a Senior Director in the analytics division of an insurance company and has over 10 years in various management roles supporting key business processes within the company.

What are your hobbies/interests?

Things I like include travel, investing, being a news junkie, tennis, learning golf, cooking, and watching Stars hockey. Prachi likes to read, travel, being challenged at work and stays heavily involved with the educational needs of our daughters.

What made you decide to become an owner of a Creative World School?

I was reaching a point where, like many others, I wanted to do something on my own but wanted it to be fulfilling and rewarding. The higher end childcare industry seemed to fit well as it provided a product needed by many parents who value more than basic babysitting. As the world becomes more competitive, the importance of good preschools with advanced and effective curricula will grow and this space will continue to be challenging and exciting.

We liked Creative World School in particular for many reasons. Key factors included CWS’s well-rounded child development philosophy that incorporated the latest in proven techniques, its ability to provide a tremendous value in form of accredited childcare, its size that was not too big but still had solid bench strength of talent and experience to help a new owner. Above all, we felt it had the most impressive product that provides an outstanding value to the parents.

What is your goal for the children who will attend your school?

The goal is to provide children with a solid foundation they can build their future upon. We will do this by providing a safe environment where various aspects of proven child development philosophies are incorporated into the daily routine in a fun, enjoyable manner.

Creative World is very excited to begin a new adventure in Texas with the Sachdeva Family and Frisco community!

Stay tuned for more updates on building construction and enrollment dates!