At Creative World Schools, we are all about bringing the WOW! Everyday we add value to the learning experience by embracing and embodying our Core Values! Read on to get a taste of what we’re all about and be inspired with fresh ideas of how these values can come to life.


It’s even in our name… we care about Creativity!

Creativity is more than an art process; it’s a lifestyle of imaginations, vision, and new horizons! Children are our teachers in this as they gaze at the world around them with fresh eyes. Whether with children or on our own, we can all benefit from a renewed passion to live creatively!

Here are some things you can do to shift your own perspective and practice creativity…

1. Literally change your perspective: re-arrange some furniture, put some new art on the wall (children’s paintings look awesome matted and framed!), take a break from a project and re-visit it after-hours when your environment is different.

2. Find a creative outlet! Do something creative (and not product-oriented) everyday! This can mean taking a nature walk, journaling, dancing, listening to new music, or finding new places!

Your child will be game to engage in a more creative lifestyle! Follow their lead on some ways to think outside the box everyday:

-Switch up your approach to food… cut your apples width-wise or dye your macaroni with beet juice! Visit the grocery store together and get adventurous with dragon fruit or artichokes. Show your child just how limitless and unique the world of food can be.

-Set up creative spaces: create pillow forts, project stars on the ceiling with paper cutouts and a flashlight, let your child plan an activity table and visit the craft store together, take the doors off of a cabinet and make a miniature house for toys.

-Talk wacky to each other! Infuse creativity into your child’s literacy journey by learning one silly word a day, reading Dr. Seuss and other rhyming books, and singing wacky songs (Pandora’s Caspar Babypants station is a great place to start!).

There are a million ways to allow creativity into your daily life! Have a blast today thinking outside the box!