If you’ve ever sat down with a three year old for any length of time, you know what curiosity is! They love asking an endless barrage of questions as the unlock dozens of brand new concepts every day. They are learning about language, relationships, scientific principles, and the nature of the world. It is our privilege to be their guides through this exciting world of fresh realities and possibilities! The best educators know that we have merely to facilitate the instinctive learning journey, nurturing curiosity in the fresh little minds we love!

To those of us for whom the world isn’t quite so new, we should ask ourselves sometimes: when was the last time we felt wonder?

When was the last time a sunrise or a smiling face or an act of grace broadened our minds and lifted our hearts? When was the last time we appreciated the marvel of the natural world? Every parent has certainly experienced a miracle in witnessing new life! Every teacher has experienced the miracle of a child’s growth! Do we seek to experience wondrous things?

Take time out today and ask a new question, plan a new adventure, and spend time on a child’s level to gain new perspective.Let’s take a page out of the book of our little ones and be on the lookout for curious, fresh, and wonderful things!