Going to full or even half day Preschool can be a big leap for 3 and 4 year olds! The experts at Creative World School have some ideas for how to ease the transition and launch into Preschool with positivity and excitement!


What new routines should my preschooler be prepared for?

A: Plan what your routine will be at drop off.  Be sure to tell your child that you are leaving and give hugs and kisses.  Sometimes children like to wave out the window or give extra hugs at departure. Your attitude will largely influence your young learner! If you are upset or nervous, they will feel that tension. Be excited, positive, and explore the new space together briefly before leaving.

What kind of classroom rules will my preschooler be expected to learn?

A: Sharing with others, taking turns, hands to themselves, and above all have fun!  If it is your child’s first time in a structured school setting, ask the teacher in advance what skills are helpful for a cooperative and peaceful classroom environment. The best way to help your preschooler acclimate to new behaviors or restrictions is to play school at home! Make raising your hand, getting in line, and sharing a fun Dramatic Play activity.

How do I help my preschooler like their new teacher?


A: By attending open house events and meet the teacher night you can ensure that your child’s teacher is a familiar person. Talking positively about their new school and new teacher during routines at home or in the car you can help your preschooler see their teacher as a friend and ease the transition.

Will my preschooler make friends?

A: Children naturally gravitate towards each other.  Encouraging your child to explore the classroom and find an area they would like to play in will allow children with common interests to get to know each other. In case your child is nervous, they are often given a “buddy” for the day to help ease anxieties.


How do I communicate what I want my preschooler to learn with the teacher or director?

A: You can request a parent meeting, have a discussion at orientation or  make a plan with the teacher to call and speak with her at a specific time. Any quality school will have transparency and a willingness to hear your ideas and accommodate your child’s personality. Be open about your child’s habits, preferences, and needs and a great staff will go above and beyond to meet those!

What will be expected of my preschooler in school?

A: Great schools want your child to have a lifelong love of learning.  They will nurture your child’s curiosity.  Your child will learn through exploration and investigation. Children do not have to come into preschool with any knowledge or abilities. More important than drilling ABC’s is empowering your child with a great self-esteem and allowing their natural inquisitiveness to drive their learning preferences. Early learning is all about play and free exploration. Any school that puts pressure on early learners is to be avoided. Find a school that gives your child the freedom to learn and grow as they choose their own learning stations and investigate their own ideas.

What if my preschooler is nervous?


A: This is a big adjustment in children’s lives and can make children excited and nervous at the same time.  Reassure your child that he/she will be picked up at a specific time. Be sure to look at the daily schedule so that you can  give  specific time frames that a child can understand.  Example:  ” I will pick you up after nap time.”  Or ” I will pick you up during your afternoon outside time.”

DSC_0698Guest blogger Rennaye Hedges is a Quality Support Coach for Creative World School in Florida. She is an awesome advocate for early learning and empowering leaders.