Summer is just around the corner! Are you going to be READY? Whether you are looking for Summer Camp or an School Program, you know that you don’t want to lose any academic ground during these lazy, hazy days.

So, what really matters and how can you tell if your child will have an academically meaningful summer while still having FUN? Here are some of our expert tips:

brunette girl silly face.jpgThree Year Olds: Getting ready for Preschool in the Fall

Getting your Three year old Preschool-ready means that they will use the summer to sharpen some certain skills and add some new elements to their day. Here are some things to look for:

  • Preschool may mean no nap or a shortened naptime. If your 3yo currently naps, look for a program that will gently begin that transition.
  • Preschool means a new set of routines. It may mean a half or full day of school, in addition to structured circle time, designated play time, and more classroom rules. Ask about how a Summer Program is going to introduce these elements so your Preschooler will have success in the fall!
  • Academically, Preschoolers will be introduced to increasingly complex Math and Language ideas. How will a Summer Program integrate this kind of learning in a fun and engaging way?
  • What kind of qualifications do the Summer Program teachers have? If you are paying for babysitting, that’s okay, but a program that is geared toward Fall Prep needs to have Early Education professionals in charge!

Four Year Olds: Getting ready for PreK in the Fall

Four year olds who are graduating from Preschool and starting PreK are on the cusp of their most intensive learning experiences yet! It is vital that they experience a Summer that helps them grow AND nurtures their love of learning:

PreK may mean increased academic structure as well as longer periods of engaging in a single learning activity. Ask the right questions:

  1. How long do interest centers/learning activities/engaging play last?
  2. Will your Preschooler be allowed to select their activities
  3. What opportunities are available if children are uninterested in a certain activity? (are they made to “sit out” or given other engagements?

Another important question is: are Four Year Olds in this Program grouped with older children? Or is there a specific Teacher/Program JUST FOR THEM? A Program that groups them with many older children may not be able to cater to their specific learning and leave them ill-prepared for Fall transitions.

Of course, our Creative World Schools have programs specifically designed for Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten readiness. Check out one of our locations to learn more!