As you get swept into the magic of a first snowfall, did you know that there is a scientific method behind excellent snowman building?


We love that STEM researchers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) have actually issued recommendations on best practices for snowman construction. What a great example of learning through play!

Here are top tips from the experts on how to make your snowman the envy of the block:


1. Use the right snow

Professor Roy Pruett, an Industrial Engineer at Bluefield State College in West Virginia say, “The snow has to be somewhere right around 30°F (-1 °C), where there’s just a little moisture in it. It can’t be too cold or not cold enough.”

Packing snow is ideal for snowman building. This is not slush or powder but a perfect, packable mix of the two.

2.Start with a Sound Foundation

You should begin your snowman by building on top of at least two inches of snow in level ground! Your foundation is the most important way to begin a perfect snowman.

3.Use the “Golden Snowman Ratio”


Your three spheres that comprise the snowman should roughly be 3:2:1 in size, with the largest sphere being on the bottom. An imbalance causes you to end up with the leaning snowman of Pisa!

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